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Naam: Jonathan
Genres: Drum & Bass
Website: http://www.myspace.com/bisnezzdnb

My name is Jonathan Gerrits, also known as BISNEZZ. I have been into Drum n Bass / Jungle for about 6 years. The reason 4 introducing this site to the world is: that I think it is time to let the world know that there is a new artist born that has but one goal in live, and that is to be a respected artist in the Drum n Bass scene. Producer and DJ wise! And I am sure of one thing and that is that I know that I got the skills and the potential to make my dream come true!!! The name BISNEZZ is a name that I have created about 3 years ago. Before that time people know my work and music as Strezz. I almost worked 3 years under the name, and then I got the feeling that the name and the meaning of it just is not who I am, so then I decided that it was time 4 something new! Before I was into Drum n Bass, I really digged metalbands like: Machine Head, Ill Nino, Soulfy, Static-x, Selpultura, and many more...! The reason that I was into Metal back then: is that I really loved the power and the speed and the changes of the drums during a song. I really like those qualities in Drum n bass music, and if you are listening to my music, you can hear that my roots lie at the darker and harder side of Drum n Bass and Jungle! Finally, I would like to show my upmost respect to Julio, who showed me back in the day's what Drum n Bass / Jungle is al about. And Thanks to all the people (my familie, friends and fans) who supported and believed in me to let me be the person that I am today. And a special thanks to my girlfriend Simone who supported and believed in me from the 1 day we met. And stood by me even in hard times. Simone is a very big insperation in my music. Thanks 4 listening to my story, and I hope that you learned a little bit of the person behind the Producer / DJ... Respect 2 all! BISNEZZ