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The Futurist

Naam: Henry
Genres: ambient, techno
Website: http://thefuturist.nl/

Henry Boer aka The Futurist was born in Brazil and raised in The Netherlands. In 1998 he got infected with the techno virus by big names like The Advent, Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer. This addiction to techno made him also buy records and spinning records on the decks.

He got his first bookings in the year 2000 and it immediately was very clear he has the skills to make people going crazy on the dance floor with freaky deep and pounding techno beats. 2004 and 2005 were stunning years for him with many performances on techno parties in the northern part of The Netherlands. Since that breakthrough, the way to even more success is completely opened and The Futurist has already played with heroes like Jay Denham, Steve Rachmad, Billy Nasty and Lars Klein, to name a few.

In his sets he uses 3 decks and FX and they’re deep and hard but most of all very energetic. The Futurist is inspired by techno heroes such as James Ruskin, Surgeon, Grovskopa, Reeko, Sebastian Kramer and many others. The main ingredients for his dj sets are heavy machine driven beats, razor sharp hihats and shakers. In other words this is the perfect formula to get every technofreak going crazy.

The Futurist is also very busy with producing own techno tracks since 1997. In 2003 he reached the second place of the yearly national producer contest (region final). With software programs as Ableton, Cubase and Reason he knows how to get the most amazing offbeat, hardtechno and industrial techno sounds out of his speaker system. The tracks he produces are heavily inspired by artists like The Advent, Grovskopa, Christian Wunsch, Sebastian Kramer and Tomash Gee. They’re containing dark and frightening ambient soundscapes, pounding beats and razor sharp hihats.

Since 2006 he’s also producing acid/acidtechno and detroit techno tracks under his alter ego Malfunction. Some of these productions are already played by several big artists from the acid scene and even are dance floor killers (especially in Germany). Hard kicks, phat basslines and hypnotic synths are the leading elements in his Malfunction sound. At the end of 2007 he will introduce his Malfuntion live p.a. to The Netherlands and ofcourse to the rest of the world.