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- Barrie
- Benedito
- Bisnezz
- Crappymeal
- Evil Joker
- Flark
- Genetic Force
- Lady Jack-a-Line
- Mongrel
- Pasta Pipo
- Phrank
- PhranxX
- Roofless
- Tauchyon
- TeknoBB
- Tex-nd
- The Futurist
- The Punisher
- WSicko

The Punisher

Naam: ben-benito
Genres: party organizer since 1985

since 1985 active with music organisation like part rave's and concert's i know what people like and i play as dj and i drove around with bands and i give a lot of fun ciao and remember POWER TO THE PEOPLE
for idiot's in dutch:
sinds 1085 actief met organisaties van party rave's en concerten ik weet wat mensen leuk vinden en speel als dj an ben tevens roadie met bands en ik geef veel plezier doei en onthou KRACHT NAAR DE MENSEN