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Lady Jack-a-Line

Naam: Jacqueline
Genres: acid, acidtechno, techno
Website: http://www.ladyjackaline.com

Lady Jack-a-Line was born in the northern part of the Netherlands. At her 21st she decided to get behind the decks herself after some years as party visitor. Since then she likes it so much she can express herself by playing the records.

In 2005 it really began for her, in that year, she experienced her first gig. She was sold immediately to the feeling reflecting from the public, by playing records that she love and where the public can go on loose .

Her feeling plays an important role, that is why the sets are never the same.

The wide range and especially opinionated taste for different kinds of good music can be heard in her sets. Her DJ sets are very varied and depending on the concept of the party. They consist of minimal techno, from energetic sounds to some harder techno with alternating kicks and a dark raw undertone, an acid record won’t be feared. The feet won’t stop dancing. Nothing is impossible!

She has played at several techno festivals across the country, next to many well-known names in the scene like: Miss Djax, 2 Junxion, Invite, Rick Angel, Peaky Pounder, Rude Awakening, Kriek, Mack, Hilarious, Mike Drama , Dave Miller, Damian Keane, Frank Kvitta ...