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- Crappymeal
- Evil Joker
- Flark
- Genetic Force
- Lady Jack-a-Line
- Mongrel
- Pasta Pipo
- Phrank
- PhranxX
- Roofless
- Tauchyon
- TeknoBB
- Tex-nd
- The Futurist
- The Punisher
- WSicko


Naam: Frank Wasse
Genres: Drum & Bass
Website: www.crappymeal.nl

Crappymeal is the Dutch act of Frank Wasse, who joined forces with Hedde Bosman since 2009. Together we produce 'hard screaching melancholic Drum&Bass' which, when performed live, is played together with a keyboard, guitar and other devices. Crappymeal already exists for a few years and has already played at some major locations in the Netherlands like: Simplon (Groningen), Popfront (Zwolle), The Underground (Lelystad), de Kade (Zaandam), Theater Romein (Leeuwarden), en Gideon Festival (Groningen).